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January 18, 2016

Aluminoes Site Going Live

We are excited to introduce Aluminoes, premium Aluminum Dominoes.  With several different anodized colors and pip combinations, your set of dominoes will stand out in your next domino game.  To make your set stand out even more, add a custom, laser engraved message, logo, initials, etc.  

Our Aluminoes are machined in a computer controlled machining center out of aircraft grade aluminum.  The dominoes are plated with a hard surface anodized coating that actually penetrates the aluminum.  Anodize creates a durable, long lasting, unique finish, that looks like no domino you've ever seen.

Once the domino has been anodized, we offer two different options for filling the pips.  We can fill the pips with a colored epoxy paint (currently over 6 colors available) or we can place a Swarovski crystal in each of the pip pockets.  

Once the Aluminoes are complete, they are packaged in a unique box with a magnetic lid closure and a compartment at the bottom for storage of a score card and domino instructions.

Check out Aluminoes!  We stand out from all the others.

We look forward to your visit!

The Aluminoes Team